Is your New Year’s Resolution to get more creative? Photojournalism is a great creative outlet, even for people who aren’t typically creative. It’s as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. You can spend months on a single project, or knock it out in a few minutes. You can buy specialised lenses and cameras, or just use your phone camera. You can use it to tell a specific story, or to capture something complex that words cannot. It can be a celebration, or an outlet for anger or grief. You can keep the photos just for yourself, or share them with the world.

I did the following series using just my phone camera, and spent about half an hour going around the house and finding images and fractures of images that caught my interest. I used focus and a lack of focus, framing, reflection, and colour, all to create an uncomfortable photo series.

For me, the collection tells the story of breaking and healing, of being worn down and finding hope through finding oneself. It is largely reflective of my queer identity, but my queer identity doesn’t exist on its own. My mobility aids are featured as the mood begins to lift, as they are not tragic, rather they are freedom.

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