Always Adapting

I’ve had to make a lot of adaptations for my disabilities. From little things like swapping out candles with solar candles and nice smelling things so my asthma doesn’t get set off, to dropping out of school and university.

Two solar powered candles sit next to bamboo reeds in a glass jar on a window sill. The window looks out over a yard with patchy grass and a bush lemon tree.

Some things have been hard, and some things have been mixed, with silver linings that sometimes outshine the grey entirely. Giving up on chasing a career in journalism was disappointing, but allowed me to persue my passion for creative writing. Moving in with my sister has been wonderful in a lot of ways, but I miss living in a trans sharehouse and having the independence of easily accessible public transport. Changing my wardrobe, while expensive, has been fun and has allowed me to express myself in all new ways.

Then there the things that are just hard. I’ve taken a long time to accept that my university days are over – I loved the connection and inspiration studying creative writing brought. I wish I could go places without having to research accessibility – it’s hard finding somewhere to go out for dinner where I can both get inside, and actually eat anything.

I’ll never be finished making adaptations to accommodate my disabilities. I’ll never stop having to give up things I love. I’ll never stop missing out on events, people, and life goals. But I’ll also never stop. I’m going to keep on adapting, finding new passions, new things, activities, and people to love.

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