Kian Hall

is an emerging writer, aspiring actor, and engaging speaker, with a passion for diversifying media representations.

Being queer, multiply disabled, and neurodiverse, Kian is acutely aware of how lonely it is to grow up never seeing ones self reflected in the media that surrounds us all. Kian aims to diversify media representations across various fronts, through zeir poetry, acting, novels, media presentations, blog, and by creating videos.

Latest Posts

Gender Exploration and Cosplay

Before I knew I was trans, I got into cosplay. At first, it didn’t even occur to me that I could cosplay outside of my gender. I was a teenager who was still trying desperately to cling to my assigned gender, to find a way to make it comfortable. My first convention was an eyeopening…

How I’m Going

Here’s my long answer to the simple question that most conversations start with.

Ehler Danlos Syndrome Awareness

Raising awareness is incredibly important for me. I have encountered doctor after doctor who has either never heard of Ehlers Danlos syndrome, or whose entire knowledge of it is that it’s a connective tissue disorder. I’d always known…


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I pay my respects to Elders, past, present, and emerging, especially those from the Yorta Yorta nation where this website is primarily run. Sovereignty was never ceded. Please consider donating to Black Rainbow.

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